Wallace Foundation Continues Providing Assistance to Fundamental Learning Center

Wallace-Foundation_Wichita-KS-Fundamental Learning Center

Co-founded in 2001 by two mothers with a desire to help their dyslexic children, the Fundamental Learning Center (FLC) trains educators and parents in methods of teaching children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. Since founding the FLC, they have helped hundreds of thousands of children improve their reading skills, grown their services to include training for parents and educators outside the Wichita area, and opened the Rolph Literacy Academy, a full-time school serving children with dyslexia.

In 2016, the Dwane and Velma Wallace Foundation awarded the FLC a grant that helped to provide training, materials, and supplies for the Rolph Literacy Academy.

According to FLC executive director Jeanine Phillips, since receiving the Wallace Foundation grant, the Rolph Learning Academy now offers state-of-the-art school programs designed to cater to the learning styles of children with dyslexia. These programs include supplemental classes such as PE, dance and movement, drama, music, and technology, all of which allow students at Rolph Literacy Academy to receive a well-rounded education.

Besides helping to improve programs at the FLC, a portion of the first Wallace Foundation grant went into a stability fund established to provide student scholarships.

“We are proud to provide educational opportunities to the children we serve,” Phillips said. “In our commitment to helping as many children as we can, the Rolph Literacy Academy has awarded 66 multi-year scholarships to children wishing to attend.”


Wallace-Foundation_Wichita-KS-Funding Scholarships

In 2019, The Wallace Foundation provided an additional grant to Transforming Education, FLC’s capital campaign to fund the construction of a new facility. With a design inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright teaching school originally designed for Wichita State University, this new building will house classrooms for up to 120 children who struggle to read. This facility will also include a cutting-edge teacher education center that focuses on teaching teachers to use the “science of reading” and “structured literacy,” methodologies seldom used in Wichita schools but scientifically proven to work for the majority of children who struggle to learn to read, write, and spell.

Although dyslexia is one of the most common educational disabilities in the country, Kansas schools lack the resources needed to address it. Additionally, because insurance companies do not consider dyslexia a medical issue, parents must pay for their child’s dyslexia testing and treatment out of pocket. That makes the services offered by the FLC critical to Kansas children and teachers. Find out more about the FLC by visiting www.FunLearn.org.

“Receiving these grants from the Wallace Foundation helped us make a profound difference in the lives of dyslexic children in the Wichita area and across the country,” Phillips said. “We are forever grateful for their generosity.”

More About the Wallace Foundation

Founded by Dwane and Velma Wallace in 1989, the Wallace Foundation’s mission is to support a wide variety of tax-exempt, charitable organizations primarily in the Wichita, Kansas, area, and secondarily in the state of Kansas, in the categories of arts and culture, education, community development and enhancement, social services and needs, and quality of life.

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