Providing the Future of Learning

Bringing individualized education to Northeast Magnet High


Thanks to the Wallace Foundation our school has found new ways to combine technology with literature. Mrs. Simmons has incorporated the iPads in her class through numerous ways: providing students with individualized grammar instruction through NoRedInk and having students acquire vocabulary through constructing word cards with picture, definition, sentence, and examples through Pic Collage and then posting them in an assignment folder on Edmodo.

In my classroom the iPads have allowed to better differentiate classes that have a mixed regular and honors population. The honors students work on Genius Hour type of projects. One day a week they delve into individualized learning by combining their interest—science, art, fashion, history—and applying it to the unit. They also seek outside mentors who can further help with their learning. Meanwhile, I work with a small group of regular students to go back through and review the unit. Besides allowing me to differentiate and address the needs of both groups in a class, the technology allows me to have more engaging reviews using Kahoot.

In all, the Wallace Foundation has given our school a great start with technology that allows us to engage students, solve problems, and differentiate. Teachers have not wasted this opportunity. With district training we have grown and seen new possibilities.

-Justin Bell, English Teacher | Northeast Magnet High



The generous grant we received from the Wallace Foundation has made it possible for us to provide 3 iPad carts in our English department to enable teachers to design interactive lessons tailored to all levels and types of learners, from special needs and learning disabled to gifted students. Various educational applications we have been able to use include….. The experience these students have with the specially designed lessons not only enhances their literacy skills, but also promotes critical thinking, communication and creativity in the projects they are able to produce with this technology. Support from the community such as the Wallace Foundation has provided to us is so critical for the public schools to be able to serve students effectively in the world of shrinking budgets and cut-backs.

-Robin Kluge, Gifted Facilitator | Northeast Magnet High



Greetings. I have been asked to share a bit about how things are going with the iPads that we received a few weeks ago. I am very happy to say that the students have responded to this unexpected gift of technology with great enthusiasm. Practically any task I offer them is suddenly more interesting if it can be done on the iPads.

Currently, we are working on the magnet research papers. My students have been using the iPads to locate information about artists, immigration officers, and the price guppies pay for overpopulation (Art, Law, and Science). The ability to modify things on the iPad screen, just by swiping a finger, makes it easier for my Intervention students to interpret the data they are working through, which will surely promote a better final product when they present them to the school.

We are also very anxious to start our next reading assignment, “Romeo and Juliet.” This is due to my offering the students the opportunity to create comic books that will reflect their interpretation of the material we have covered. I am sure that I will receive some excellent examples.

-Andy Credille, Resource Teacher | Northeast Magnet High